Support for New Features in FogBugz 7

Foglyn 1.6 supports subcases and tags, two great new features in FogBugz 7. You can edit and search by tags, change parent case, and see your cases in nice hierachy.
(New in Foglyn 1.6)

Format Your Comments Using WikiText

Thanks to integration with WikiText component, you can use simple wiki syntax for formatting your FogBugz comments.
(New in Foglyn 1.5)

Open Corresponding Task

Foglyn now supports Open Corresponding Task action from Team History view. Case number is extracted from associated comment using common case naming patterns.
(New in Foglyn 1.5)

Working On Activation Warning

When Foglyn cannot activate your Working On case on FogBugz server, it will warn you. Warning is available from Progress view. Progress view also contains result of last successful activation.
(New in Foglyn 1.5)

Events section with mouse above up/down button

Order of Events

If you prefer to see your latest events at the top, click up/down button in Events section to toggle between "Oldest on Top" and "Latest on Top" order. Your preference is remembered and will be honored in the future.
(New in Foglyn 1.4)

Mouse pointer hovering above highlighted case link

Case Hyperlinking

Foglyn allows you to quickly open any FogBugz case simply by clicking its link. Case link is displayed when you are hovering mouse pointer above "case xxx" text while holding down CTRL key (or Command key on Mac). (Since 1.3)

Detail of case editor with focus on due time editor

Due Time and Estimates

Foglyn enables you to change due time or estimate for your case directly from Eclipse. Furthermore, estimate and due time is synchronized with Mylyn values in Planning tab of case. Foglyn understands various formats for your estimates and due time.
(Introduced in Foglyn 1.2)

Detail of FogBugz showing Working On case

Task Activation Synchronized with “Working on”

When you activate task in Eclipse, Foglyn will tell FogBugz that you're now working on this case. Similarly, when you stop working on case in Eclipse, it won't be tracked by FogBugz anymore.
(Since Foglyn 1.2)

First steps with Foglyn tutorial

First steps with Foglyn cheat sheet

Foglyn includes "First steps with Foglyn" cheat sheet. This is step-by-step tutorial about how to setup Foglyn with your FogBugz repository, and how to create query to display your tasks in Task List.

Task List

Task List displays your tasks from all repositories. In this screenshots, we have defined categories using our FogBugz filters ("My Cases" and "My Prio 1 cases"). Tasks are sorted by priority, which is displayed as exclamation mark.

Case Details

Foglyn shows you all details about case, and allows you to change it as well. Simply enter new comment, attach file or screenshot, change attributes like Project or Priority, and press Submit. Are you offline? You can save your changes locally, and submit them when you are online again!


After you activate your case, Mylyn remembers which files are related to this case. Simply put, related files are those files, which you open or edit while case is activated. You can easily switch between various cases by activating them and Mylyn will automatically open related files to current case.

Resolving case

Fixed your case? You are now ready to resolve it, that is marking case as fixed or implemented. Simply enter new comment, choose "Resolve" action and select proper resolution. You can also optionally attach context to this case, to share it with other people from your team!

Creating new tasks from markers

Is your unit test failing? Does FindBugs report a problem you want somebody takes a closer look to? Simply create new task from failed test or problem marker.

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Foglyn 1.7: bug fixes and open-sourced.


Foglyn 1.6.2 release fixes FogBugz 8 compatibility bug.

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