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Case Editor: Attributes

Attributes Section of Case Editor

Attributes section contains various properties of case like Project, Area or Fix For (milestone), which correspond to highlighted parts in FogBugz web interface:

Detail of FogBugz web interface

All attributes can be changed in the editor. Due Date and Current Estimate fields support various formats for entering new values. Supported formats for Due Date field include:

  • tomorrow
  • next <day of week>, e.g. "next tuesday"
  • next week (equals to next monday)
  • +N days, e.g. “+3 days” which means three days after today
  • +N weeks, e.g. "+2 weeks"
  • +N months
  • exact date, format depends on your regional settings.

It is also possible to specify exact due time, e.g. tomorrow, 10:30. When time is not specified, start of day is used (as configured in the FogBugz server).

In all cases, exact due date/time that will be sent to FogBugz server is reported in decoration above the field:
Current Date

How to Clear Due Date

Estimate in Current Estimate field should be written as number of days, hours and minutes in following format: “N days, N hours, N minutes”. Numbers without “days”, “hours” or “minutes” unit are treated as hours. Similarly to Due Date field, when entering new estimate, entered value is validated and displayed above the field:
Current Estimate

Original Estimate cannot be changed, not even in the FogBugz web interface.

Don’t forget to Submit changes back to the FogBugz repository.

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