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Foglyn is developed solely by me during my free time. In my day job I am software engineer and use Eclipse and FogBugz daily. I wanted to integrate these two great tools together and found Bugclipse some time ago. I bought a 1-year Bugclipse subscription and was a happy user until Eclipse Ganymede was released.

I decided to start Foglyn when it was clear that Bugclipse won't be updated for Eclipse Ganymede release anytime soon. (Ganymede-ready version of Bugclipse was out few days after Foglyn 1.0, six months after Ganymede). To be fair to Bugclipse people, Mylyn internals changed quite significantly just before Eclipse Ganymede release, so it was probably not an easy task to update it quickly.

My goal with Foglyn is to provide up-to-date integration of FogBugz into Mylyn and Eclipse. I use Foglyn daily and it's already great time-saver for me, but I can also see its weaknesses. It will take some time before Foglyn will be a full replacement for FogBugz web interface, but by taking small steps daily I believe it will get there.

Peter Štibraný

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Foglyn 1.7: bug fixes and open-sourced.


Foglyn 1.6.2 release fixes FogBugz 8 compatibility bug.

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